How exactly will you make a floating island in Top-Down mode?

Like what should i make it out of, what should i have on the island and how would i make it look 3D in to-down 2D?

I get the gist of it but explain please (If no response, I am in class so it might be a while)

The map is a bunch on islands that are suppost to look like they are in the sky so you can see the bottom of them but yet you can walk on it without it looking like a sticker. Example:

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before I go, I would say maybe use black transparent barriers to represent shadows, but add a little bit of whatever material is the base of it in the barrier (just a thought, I need more time to cook)

yeah shadows would be good, but what as for the bottom? rocks?

Something I made several months ago.

yes but i want it to look realistic, not like a rectangle (no offence) I just like realistic art.

np. I’ve made something like this before just give me a second to get it!

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My rendition of an island.

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nice Island that’s very similar to what I’m was gonna do

Here is a VERY simple island for you

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yes but like this, its a prototype.

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the shape is good, but i would use terrian layers to make the grass look above the dirt.

Try if you can tint that rock so it looks like dirt.

i changed it does this look good now?

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good but i would change the blast ball floor to dirt so you can tell the difference.

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