How does this look

How does this look for a loby

How does this look for the camera room

How does this look for the prison cafiteria

How does this look for the rec room

How does this look for the prison cells


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If you have any comments for tips, put them down, constructive criticism is fine by me

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This all looks great, if its like a prison break then you could have a helicopter escape or a boat escape too

Leave random props on the floor especially the rec room. It looks really empty.

this is for a cops and robbers game
this is the highway

there is more road, and that is all i have

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Add a sidewalk

ok i will do that

K I understand, the prison threw me off a bit so thanks for clearing it up. My advice, add trees. It helps a bunch, also add a river, its a lot easier then it seems

ok will do, idk about the river tho

remove some of the random cash on the floor on the robbers side. don’t get rid of all of it just some.

ok will do, thanks for the tip

I’m glad someone knows what that is for once

what are you talking about,

and how does this look

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I mean I’m glad someone knows what constructive criticism means. also that looks good.

thank you for the tips again, anything helps

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anyone else got some ideas

i sadly don’t have ideas but i do have a tip when you show an image of your map try and blur or cover the game (cant say j.o.i.n. :confused: ) (cant say c.o.d.e)
that you have on the top,

but only if you’re not in the game, but still do it in case.

That looks nice, your not that bad at art

i dont know why you cant say c.o.d.e or j.o.i.n
but you got a good map

also… Hi @Cronus_LordofTime welcome to the community!

hope you have a great time on gimkit :slight_smile: