How does the player Cordinate device work?

I am making a map and I wanted to do somethi g fun with the player cordinate device, I went in game and place it down, and now I have no clue how it works😅 (Im also looking for someone named Coffee, someone on the discord said he was here so any info on him or her would be good, thx)

So the coordinate device is mainly for putting the player’s x coordinate (location) and y coordinate into properties so you can do stuff with it. You can check if someone is at a certain distance from something to simulate an explosion, etc.

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The coordinate device has an option to connect a player’s X or Y coordinates to properties.
Properties store numbers, and text (you probably knew that), which can be shown on a player’s screen with the game overlay device and the block code (in the overlay):

Fun fact: when you spawn into a top-down game your coordinates are 320,320 (someone told me that I didn’t know…)

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