How does my thumbnail look?

its for my game where you run a pizzeria, any suggestions or is it good??


what about the game name?

yea I like it… But you should put the game name on there like what Foxy said… so they know like… What it is I guess?

alr yeah ill add that

wow u are good at making thumbnails

thank you : D really appreciate it

That’s, actually pretty good!
Nice job!

That’s a really good thumbnail! maybe the Gim could hold a pizza tray?

(Do I capitalize Gim?)


maybe a table with a family eating pizza?


Something like this?
Screenshot 2024-03-15 9.43.44 AM

(maybe you could add hands or position the pizza tray differently or just make your own pizza tray)

Other than that, I’m not sure what you could add to your thumbnail!


put something on the wall like a pizza trophy


Screenshot 2024-03-15 10.11.29 AM
Like this?

(I’ve never made a thumbnail before)

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nah it needs a complete new look, needs to look like u walk into mcdonalds like tables but a pizzeria version

Wdym his thumbnail looks really good
Thumbnails with Gims like that and backgrounds are hard to make! (Probably)

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yea but I cant grab that thumbnail and just smack a bunch of stuff you’ll need to remake it

i may make another version and do a poll idk


this is what ive settled on, i decided on not doing the name because it looked cluttered n weird.


that looks awesome :heart_eyes:

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