How do you use the "property" device?

all I know is that they have something to do with blocks, but I’m not sure, pls help.

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This might help you:


I certainly think it will, thank you!

they store data to use in blocks. like a global-ish variable for GKC. if a global variable in Scratch holds data from the whole world then a global property would be that. if my rambling makes any sense lol.

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I mean kinda. so basically it stores info that can be used in blocks, but I don’t rlly know much more than that.

yes. it can also be used for encoding and decoding and stuff like that. it stores data from the map. for example, if you have to make a custom score for the leaderboard you would store it into the property.
counters can update properties as well as inventory item managers without block code but in the settings of the device instead.


Kosm0-o pretty much explained it. the property device is like information…
it is best used in block code but I used it a lot before I learned block code.

the property device set to number is basically just an artificial number.
you can increase it and decrease so when it hits a certain value, it does something in the blocks.

the property device is basically a variable for all blocks in a game

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You can use properties to store data. Using counters or inventory item managers (IIMs), properties can read data. You can also manipulate properties in a more advanced way using blocks.