How do you use the Property Device?

My goal is to make it so that whenever you capture a flag, the game’s system adds 1 point for that team and it shows the ranking at the end, just like CTF gamemode. I see that you can link the points to a device called “property” in “Map Options”, so how exactly do I use this device, and more importantly how do I achieve the desired effect with it?

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Also why are there so many flags lol

There are so many flags because there are a lot of different colors. I know it isn’t the exact topic, but this should help you with what a property is, as it describes it.

It’s basically a variable you can use in Blocks.

This is an advanced trigger to keep a score, or a sentence that most of the time is used in blocks.



Why would you bump this?
I’m not sure you bump Help topics…
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Yes, but it has been open for almost year, so…

it doesn’t work. So thus is bad,

What doesn’t work? The guide that was linked? Huh?

I don’t think there were solution when this post was created. Just leave it alone.

Edit: Oops I saw people did. Didn’t look at when you posted your post. Sorry!

So i did the thing u did for the trigger. and i did that and for some reason it dont work i put the number in with 2 to convert number to text and then property and it still brokes

It’s because solutions didn’t exist back then. Don’t necropost. You’re supposed to bump guides, not help topics.

Welp i didnt know since I joined a month ago and also never came here to long also btw im not necroposting just because this is old ok.
I’m just asking the creator because it broken

What is the logic in that?