How do you use the end of game widget

how do you use the end of game widget

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You put a property in there to show. It’s like the amount of questions correct in official gamemodes that shows after the end of the game.

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no i just don"t know how to change the settings or what they mean

and what is a property device

It uses makes and tracks property.

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here’s my problem

ok What are the wire settings

wait are you trying to make the counter count up?

if yes use a repeater

how do i link that to the end game widget

and if you are using an end of game widget you need a corresponding property device

here allow me to elaborate

Welcome to the community! You just make a channel and set it to end the game when receiving on the channel.
Screenshot 2023-12-13 1.25.39 PM You just type the name of the channel in the box.

For the end of game widget you require a corresponding property device, wire. a repeater to a counter and wire a life cycle to the repeater, for target value reached wire it to the end game device

i don’t think a repeater is what i need. i was using the counter because i was counting how many times the black flag reached the white flag

What do you want to do with the widget?

oh ok then that is fine

how would you like the end game to happen?

when the black flag has reached the white one three times (or the other way around) it will say game over… that’s it