How do you teleport someone who clicks an overlay button, then teleport them somewhere else in a few seconds?

I want to make it so that when someone clicks a button, they get teleported to a room and get teleported somewhere else a few seconds later and they can’t click the button for a few seconds?

(Game Overlay) Button Pressed > (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

(This is the first location ↑)

`(Game Overlay) Button Pressed > (Trigger) Trigger (insert delay time you want the player to teleport to second location)

Triggered > Teleport Player Here

(This is the second location ↑)


Thank you :slight_smile: is there any way to make it so they can’t press the button for a specific time (it is ok if there is not)

(Overlay) Button Pressed > (Wire Repeater 0.0 delay) Repeat Wire Pulse

(Wire Repeater) Wire Pulse Repeated > (Game Overlay) Hide Overlay

(Game Overlay) Button Pressed > (Wire Repeater) Repeat Wire Pulse (insert delay before showing overlay again)

(Wire Repeater) Wire Pulse Repeated > (Game Overlay) Show Overlay


Thanks so much :slight_smile: I appreciate ur help

No problem!


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