How do you stop a wire repeaters without repeaters cause I don't have any more repeaters

Help me please

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How to STOP wire repeaters!!

just use a trigger loop instead. you cant deactivate wire repeaters

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Yeah. Plus repeaters are memory inefficient.



You can replace all of the wire repeaters with wired triggers and deactivate them all on a specific channel.

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why not? they’re the best loop

no they ARE NOT

Hey, hey, hey. They take up 500 memory. Triggers take up 40.

they definitely are. triggers are 10x less memory than them

ok so I still use them

Cool. But if you want your game to work, you have to use triggers as well.

WOAH WOAH WOAH, This is getting almost as controversial as the weird hypocrisy thing and can someonse answer @Nature_Boy_Drama16 's Question

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gtg for the day bye bye

we already did.

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You’ve been given a solution that will work, it’s up to you to use it :man_shrugging:

Also if you want to continue arguing that repeaters are not memory inefficient, read the first maybe 50 comments on this post. You can watch people actually get converted from liking repeaters to trigger loops haha.

I also want to point out this isn’t an insult to you in any way- we’ve all used repeaters, in fact, my very first project used them. Honestly, we’re just trying to help you improve your map making skills by recommending better ways to do things, so I’m sorry if it came off as inferring you were inferior or stupid.

We all have done this before, and we all have improved. You can too :slight_smile:


instead of a wire repeater just put a trigger there instead. Put in a delay time for the trigger LIKE the wire repeater. wire up the thing that deactivates the trigger(used to be wire repeater) to the trigger:

thing happens —> deactivate trigger.

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For some reason, hes against using triggers

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yah… its weird…

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