How do you set a tag notification with the player's name in it?

How do I send a notification to a player who was just tagged to tell them who they were tagged by? Is this possible? I looked through the forums and haven’t seen a question like this.

yes, this is possible.

i thought so! i was trying to use blocks for it but it didn’t seem to work when i tested it with my friend.

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I am not the best with blocks but it is in there there are lots of guides with it in it but I can’t think of any right now.

If you’re gonna post and not contribute to the topic, don’t’ post at all.

also for this topic


Make a block in your tag zone. Make it set a text property as the tagged player to the tagging player’s name (it’s just going to be triggering player’s name). Make that property broadcast to a notification’s blocks. Make the blocks include that property. The property will store the name of the tagged. Also make the property player scoped.

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in a nice way, i just want a quick answer, thanks for yelling at them, but it’s not going to do mch lol

ill try it real quick, thanks

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i’ll get i screen shot

How to make a Button that will Teleport Everyone [2/10 or green_square ]

Screenshot 2024-06-19 7.48.48 PM
Change the words and done.

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ok to be honest i dont really know what half of that means… sorry, i’m pretty dense.
so i make a block in a tag zone to set a text property… then you lost me

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that might work thanks

Screenshot 2024-06-19 5.50.46 PM

this thing might work

so i made this and tested it… it didnt work.

uh is it wired? if it is it with say K.O has been kiled

So on my like you want to go to optional 2 and make sure you have it set up and just change the words.

make a block in tag zone. set property (with type as text) to triggering players name. when that property is changed, broadcast on a channel. a notification updates via blocks when receiving on that channel. in the blocks, change the notification. make sure property is player scoped.

easy as i can explain getrithekd’s post.

ok so i created a block in a tag zone.
what i need to do is have it so when the property “tag” changes, it should broadcast on a channel, which notifies the tagged player.
is any or all of that correct?
I’m sorry i’m being such a bother1

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yes, i think that’s correct.