How do you respawn a whole team?

I am making a hide and seek map, and I want one team to be able to hide while the other team respawns barriered off, at their base.

You can just have a repeater wired to a counter wired to a barrier to make sure the seeker team can’t leave until the time is up. You can configurate the repeater to 1 per second and the counter to, say, 20 seconds, until the barrier is deactivated.

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The barrier isn’t the problem. I need the entire tagging team to respawn back at their spawn pads.

I’m running some tests, please hold.

You could have a zone wired to a respawn that keeps going until a repeater stops.

Could you go into a bit more depth?

Nevermind, I understand, thanks!

No problem!

(you could also use a repeater, trigger, and blocks)

A more efficient way would be to use a relay for a specific team.

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