How do you remove an item COMPLETELY from your inventory?

you know how all items are completely gone when you die? i need to know how to do that without dying.

They are currently telling me in my topic xD.

Go to Map Options, (gear in the bottom-left-corner) go to Items and set the “Remove Resources on Death” and other settings you want to “yes.”

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its “resource respawn behavior?”

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

do i set it to keep or delete

do i set to keep or delete

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Set it to delete.

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ok, thx. i accidentaly said it 2 times… whoops

What about making it drop instead of getting deleted?

Theres a guide or two on that

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i have an idea, instead of getting snowball launchers, there will already be an empty launcher in your inventory. i will make it so that the source gives out SNOWBALLS instead of launchers.

You can use a starting inventory to start with a launcher

i did that. i wonder what else to do with them

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