How do you "open property?"

I need some help on how to open a property, please!! Please comment as soon as possible.


what do you mean?

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Welcome to the forum! Just place down a property device and make a property(type something in the box)


Thank you so much!!!

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Try this guide if you want to learn more!

All you need for this is a knockout manager. When the player is knocked out, have then drop a lottery ticket. This ticket will be the “body” Now place down an inventory item manager, and have it update a property “Body” Now, go to that property, turn the mark as changed on the game start to off, and have it broadcast on channel Emergency Meeting when the property value changes. How do you do this tell me if you need more information.

Are you following a guide?

Yes, I am, and it is called “The Whomian version of Amongus Voting!”

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