How do you make waypoints track everyone on your team?

What title says.

Isn’t there a guide on this already?

Go to Waypoint, make it track player, and wire to a lifecycle on game start. DO that for every player you wanna track.
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I tried searching but couldn’t find one

But how do I choose which player to track?

um, through a certain device?

Can you track multiple players using a waypoint?

Each waypoint can only track one player at a time.


Yep, the golden rule of waypoints: one waypoint per entity. Give me a couple hours to finish with the guide I was making on this, or if you understand it: Lifecycle → relay (random player on specific team) → checker (item < 0)(if false) → activate waypoint, grant item, run relay again. If the checker is true, run relay again.


Oh that is a good idea!

This forum is so useful because people find ways of doing things that I would have never thought of!


You know that there is a setting for this in the game settings right?

What setting is that?
I think you’re getting confused with the Ally and Enemy indicators, that won’t track players, only give players on your team a little arrow on their head when you’re near them, not actually tracking them.

Oh well then use a multiple waypoints and a lifecycle.

Yes, the thing is a waypoint can’t track multiple players at once, and a player can get tracked multiple times.

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I have a system that bypasses this.

You can keep adding waypoints to the system, you just have to change what channel they activate on.

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Wait, I just checked ur guide, and it is for everyone on a specific team/everyone, (btw good guide, easy to follow) but I need help with making it so people can see everyone on their team only, not other teams (did that make sense?)

You can use another relay that activates it only for a specific team and make sure it has the team scope?

how do you make a relay have scope? and would I need to make multiple relays with the specific teams to all of the teams?

I think so.
Also, I meant the waypoint