How do you make the leaderboard?

The title was a little vague. I want to know how to do this is GKC.

Also, I want to know how to show images in the pregame lobby.

I don’t think it is possible
Custom images are not allowed

You can’t add custom images.
For the little squares next to the leaderboard you can use end game widgets.

Also, read this.

very big quoted post

What’s End Game Widget do?

How do I at least say “Triggering name” won?

It shows information at the end of the game

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This is what I need answered now, please.

Sorry if that sounded harsh

Let me test. Hmm…


what haiasi said

Wait, do you want to show what Team won?
You can do that by activating widgets that say “___ Team won!” when a certain win condition is met. (ex. pressing a button)

I want it to say a player won when they click a button.

I want it to say either a player won or time expired.

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What will the player require to win the game

like “cash earned” or “knockouts”

Button pressed.

Ok so if a button is pressed they win the game (like a maze game) or the amount of times the button is pressed (clicker game)?

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When they press it once, goes to checker. Check passes → End Game.

Here is the system I have

Here is how to recreate it
Property settings

Blocks (in trigger)

Widget settings

End product:

Tell me if anything doesn’t work


Nice! How would I make it say time expired?

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Like by the players name or above the players name (in little letters)

No, just it says time expired. No names.

Go to the widget settings then label erase what you put in that box

And do this to the trigger

Finished product