How do you make special ovrerlays?

This is for @gimkit_h4ck3r as he did it in his Gimcraft game, please tell me how!

I never made gimcraft lol

Oh, you signed it, I thought, you made the thumbnail…

I made the thumbnail. gimkit_h4ck3r made the game

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@gimkit_h4ck3r, I need your wisdom.

What exactly do you mean by special overlays?

Because if you mean color overlays go to all options in the game overlay and you should see this.

@GimSolver clarify on what, “special ovrerlays”, are

Go into blocks, make a block that runs on “update” Make a trigger that when receiving on “update”, wait 1 sec. and transmit on “update”

Like this.
I want it to go down 1 every 5 sec.
Or just when you move.

it’s some absurd text system i assume, no idea how

Use a property that lowers every second. Make the overlay show that property

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how do I make it lower every second?

Use a triggerloop.


wat dat?

like a repeater?

a trigger and a wire repeater

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Or a trigger-clock (which will save more memory).

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DO I put the delay in the wire repeater or the trigger?

Get rid of the wire repeater. Instead, put the same channel in when triggered to trigger when receiving on.