How do you make something that will recognize how many people are playing?

I am trying to create a board game and I want to know how many people are playing. That way when everyone is done with their turn then it will allow everyone to take their next turn without people going twice. Think of it like Mario Party.

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Place down a relay and a counter. Wire the relay to the counter, so that when it triggers it increments the counter. In the relay, make sure the relay is relaying for all players. Now, when the relay is triggered, it will add the number of plays to the counter. (Remember to reset the counter when done)


I want to be able to know how many people are playing in the game and have it adjust to that. for example, there are 4 people playing, the game should recognize that and then set a property to that many people. Then after everyone is done with their turn (via a button that they will press) it will allow them to take a second turn. I already have a system for recognizing when all the turns are done. Sorry if this does not make sense.

In the counter, have it save the value in a property (this is under the properties tap in the counter)

Ok, I did that now what? When I start the game it does not change. Is there a way I can let you on the map and help?

Sorry, I can’t do that right now. You have to trigger the relay. Wire up a trigger to the relay and step on it

Ok, thank you! this should help a lot with my game