How do you make something that sends a notification when you get a certain item

How do you make a series of devices that sends a notification when u get diamonds :confounded:

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Like a notification or the blue rectangle at the center top?

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Make this setup (Besides the 2 counters above the triggers, those were to make sure they were working)

This is the leftmost trigger

This is the rightmost trigger

Lifecycle to trigger 1 (leftmost one)

Trigger 1 to trigger 2

Trigger 2 to trigger 1

Checker settings

Checker to counter

Settings for game overlay

Make sure to substitute golden keycard for whatever item your using
And the end result is something like this
This is before I grab the golden keycard

And this is after

Notice how in the top left it now has the text


@Chaosblade, you online?

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Please don’t ask if people are online. Just check their account status. :). Also, be patient with people!

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Your guide is wonderful, but it seems the poster (@Chaosblade) meant the Notification device, not an overlay. To fix this, try simply swapping out your group of notification devices for the one mentioned above.
Try removing:
-The overlay
-The counters not counting the items (The on/off overlay)
Hope this helps you improve your post!

JellyBot can make mistakes. Consider checking given information
I love your guide though!


your trying to do an alert when they get a certain item?

Just use an inventory item manager. It shows alerts when you get that item, in it’s settings. (Pretty sure…)

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It has to be a notification

then try out what he said. See if it fits with what you need.

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Thanks a ton, ThatGim!


Your welcome! Just make sure to mark a solution.

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