How do you make someone drop an item after getting eliminated?

I need help with my elemination mystery map

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Yay your first post! welcome to the community! Also before posting many guide be sure to read the TOS and the rules so you get the rules and dont get flagged!

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You can make sentries drop items when they are eliminated however you can not let a player drop items. (Unless someone came up with a way but I dont think so)

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Edit: Theres also granting items but they wont appear on the ground. Like dustie-bunns said.

use a k.o. manager, wire a item granter to it, (instead of k.o. managers, I prefer lifecycles)

i know how!

can u help me by any chance this is my first map

sure, just click this link

can u help us we are haveing trouble haveing random people getting it like in mm2

i have things to do im so sorry i just dont think i cna help

ok thanks have a good day

you too! Have a great day!

can’t you just use a k.o. manager, go to items and make an item drop on their body?

Here, if we can make it look as if each player had 42 cash and it gets dropped after oof

wanna come and help with are map

Sure, since I have no idea how to update my map

I’m better at devices then props lol

lol okay the code for the gimkit is 754394508

@jacobthebuilder I think there is a way to track the amount of a certain item someone has and make it drop, but it might take me 5 minutes to make a prototype

ok that’s fine I have 30 mins

why does the code not work?