How do you make sentries trigger lifecycle events?

I’m making a One Way Out style map and I want to count how many knockouts you have and how many times you’ve been knocked out.

When these are caused by a sentry, the lifecycle won’t track it. How can I make it track it?

Thanks to anyone who helps.

you can actually use a channel to brodcast when it gets knocked out

On the lifecycle, the sentry doesn’t trigger the channels. That’s the problem.

@Michaelbob I dont think this can work, try this. why not use a ko manager? its tracks when a player or a sentry gets knocked out

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Ok I’ll try it.

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Is there a certain way to code it using knockout managers? I tried replacing lifecycles with knockout managers and it didn’t work…

@Michaelbob did you change this setting on the ko manager? (oh and make sure to change its scope since you want it for each player to have separate amt) it worked for me when I did it

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Yeah I did

so all you want is it to track the amt of times you knocked out a sentry? if so, wire the ko manager to the counter, target knocked out > increment counter

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That’s my original coding (except it’s with KO managers) it’s still not working.

vid: Screen Recording (5-29-2024 6-53-10 PM).wmv - Google Drive

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Huh, there must be something wrong on my end then. I’ll try and see what’s going wrong.

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