How do you make props overlap others?

I have seen creators, say, put a computer on a desk, but I don’ t know how to do that. is there a way to make certain props over lap other ones?


if you go to the layers in the top left corner, you can choose what overlaps what

layers is tricky but can be easy. when building, what ever you place first like a table will be in primary layer and anything you put on it will go behind it like a printer, if you click the three stacks up on the top left open it there will be three layers, above, primary, and below. if you want everything you put on top of the table to be on it not underneath put it on below layer, because if you move the item even if you put the object above the table in primary layer it will revert to it orginal postion underneath it.

using the arrows you can move them around or click the three dots on the item to move it quickly to the above or below layer. it will also highlight the object you are hovering over in the layers so you can also find items that way like a flower you placed that went missing

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