How do you make it to where you can touch water and itl kill you ? I am making a dont touch water game and i need help with it so yeahhhh

its kinda hard to do it tho I have seen a discovery creative map do it

Place a Zone on the water and wire it to a Respawn.

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Respawn) Respawn Player

Use Triggers for the more uneven areas.


bro just add invisible lasers around the perimeter of the water. this is the most easy est solution

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However, that adds ~200 (correct me if I’m wrong) memory per laser, meaning 800 memory (almost 1%!) to enclose a rectangle, while Zone → Respawn is just like 205-220 for the whole area. It may be an alternate idea, but it might not be the most optimized one.

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Fast delete reflexes!


what u delete haiasi

well yeah that would work but… ehhhhh I want it to be a bit for proformal but thank you!

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