How do you make it that when you get knocked out you respawn at 1 random different place of 3?

Nevermind… this doesn’t work.

Did you make sure the lifecycle is on the right settings? Can you screenshot the settings of the lifecycle, one of the three teleporters, and the last teleporter?

Or, as an alternative, you could use 3 spawn pads for the places where you want the players to spawn, and for the initial spawn, use a teleporter with a lifecycle and relay.

new teleporter (initial spawn)
teleport to when receiving on: "Teleport"

new lifecycle
broadcast on channel: "Start"

new relay
broadcast on channel: "Teleport"
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That didn’t work, if I understood you correctly.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 9.36.42 AM
1 of the 3 Teleporters

Other Teleporter

OK!!! long thing incoming.

@joe , @Anonymous , @top-z … I have some explaining here.

Why your first way doesn’t work
your method is in general a good one, teleporting a player to somewhere instead of respawning, but it didn’t work for joe. The reason it didn’t work was because of a delay:
when a player is knocked out and when the player respawns there is a 0.5 second delay, so if you teleport a player to a place immediately after they respawn, they teleport there, AND THEN they respawn causing them to spawn at the pad not the teleporter.
How to fix it
now you can however put an interval between the lifecycle and the teleporter with a trigger (0.51 delay).

How your second way is genius
I never thought of this, it is amazing!

Why I chose my method
I believe that my method is better because the player spawns there directly AND if you use teleporters, sometimes the player sees “himself” being teleported away from the place they spawned (not ideal).

Which one is that?

This one?

Top-z and Anonymous’s way… the teleport to target one

Thank you

Although I spent a lot of time on this, pls mark Anonymous’s solution, because it was his idea!

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