How do you make it so you only respawn when your teammate is still alive?

I am making a game where there are many zones, and I want to make it so whenever someone gets knocked out in one of the zones, they respawn 10 seconds later (if their teammate is still alive), in that same zone. If it helps, there are two people in a team.

A KO manager that traps a player via teleporter, then triggers a wire repeater which goes to a trigger. That trigger is deactivated when your teammate dies, and then you don’t teleport out of the box.

could you explain how you make it so they respawn in that zone (or teleport)?

Wait nevermind, max1’s solution might be better, let me explain it.

Maybe multiple triggers, all deactivated except the zone that you are in and activate when you enter the zone

There would also be a counter so that when other dies, trigger deactivates
Basic system:
Screenshot 2023-12-04 4.59.04 PM

so when you go in the zone, it activates, and when you leave, it deactivates?

And I was thinking that everyone gets a item when they are alive and a property is linked to the item, and when you die, a checker checks if your teammate has that item and if not, you don’t respawn. Would this work?

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Make a checkpoint device in that zone that gets set to the zone when you enter it. When you exit, set a default checkpoint to the default spawn area. Next, make ALL the zones activate a trigger when entering and deactivate when exiting. Now, here’s the more complex part (space to keep it from being a big block of text).

Make a lifecycle listening for a player being knocked out. Make the trigger broadcast to all other players on that player’s team. On that broadcast, make it increment a counter with a target of 1. If the counter hits the target, make it broadcast to another relay with a target of one. If that counter hits the target, then the player’s teammate is still alive.

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There might be a slight problem, I was making it so the entire map is covered with zones

Oh. Well… You’ll need a checkpoint for each zone then.

For the system that checks if the other teammate is still alive, could you explain again cause I couldn’t really understand it?

Basically, it relays to the other player. After that, it would increment a counter. If the counter hits a target of 1 (default 0), then the counter broadcasts. This detects if there is another player on the team left. Now, once the counter broadcasts, a relay broadcasts back to the other player to confirm that another player is on the team. You can do whatever you want from there.

Maybe you could make a trigger delay 1s that triggers another trigger. That second trigger triggers the team switcher to spectator. Make the 2nd counter deactivate the trigger that switches the team to spectator.

Now, for repeatability, you need a trigger be triggered by the lifecycle. It’ll have a delay of 2 seconds. That trigger needs to reset both counters and activate the trigger switching the team.