How do you make it so whenever a player joins a team, the players in both teams get a notification that that player has joined that team

Hi, so how do I make what I mentioned above?

Use a lifecycle for joining late. Make that broadcast to a notifications’s blocks. In the blocks, make it have a notification using the create text with block, the team number block, and the triggering player’s name block. Make sure the notification is for everyone.

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Idk what to do after this part? What do you mean by block

essentials > triggering player’s team number

Go to the essential tab and find the triggering player’s name piece and the the team number piece. You can then use text pieces to make the notification how you want.

This block code does not work

Cant you just wire a popup to the global group and set it to the player name block code and the rest be done?

What doesn’t work?

@WolfTechnology, popups interrupt people when playing.

true, but can’t you set teh notifacation to be when lifecycle runs broast cast channel on a notif?

Yeah that’s what I said first, but it doesn’t work for some reason.

Either seven seas didn’t:
make the notification go to everyone
or idk

Its probibly not set to global or not wired correctly. not sure.

wait lemme login into screencastify real quick and show you

ok, make sure to get each device and wires setting

acually nah, because it keeps showing my real name, so here is some more screenshots

Screenshot 2023-12-12 9.11.20 AM

You need to file out the the notif title, content, and when it will be activated, thats why its not working is because you don’t have it set to when it should start.

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can you give me maybe an image if you can, so I can understand better? its ok if not

I am about to test, so im sorry, but if you look at your screenshots, you can see what i mean.

You need an if statement if you aren’t using team numbers. If team number = 1, then variable team = “pirates”. And then you use the thing. I’ll get a pic of the notif.


Ok so it does not work for some reason, so I made the zone transmit on the channel: player notification when a player leaves the zone, it still does not work… Here is the code I did