How do you make it so the explosion occurs when player gets knocked out

So, I made it so you get different explosions when you die considering which one you got

but i want to make a barrier active on a color like for example
black hole=black
but I want to make it so it is what color they get from the gacha

Make a barrier say, “when sakura transmiten- activate barrier” Or replace the sakura transmiten with one of your other scenioros.

no i mean like when the player gets knocked out, and whatever color they have, it appears


I’m still confused. Sorry.

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Ok so like when a player gets knocked out, or forced to respawn, then when the player goes to the spawn area, the other players in the arena should see a barrier color, that the player got knocked out had

Ok, sorry I’m thinking you use a lifecycle that listens for player knockouts. Then, when knocked out transmit on channel. If I understand correctly.

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yea, and after the player gets knocked out, a barrier should appear.

But earlier on, the player would’ve bought a color for the barrier
I want that specific color to show after the player gets knocked out

Use counters.
Explosion c, defualt, so target 0.
Lightning, target 1
Splash, target 2
Sakura, target -1
Black hole, target -2

can i have an image to explain that more? Or I can just try it

Ok, I’ll get an image and go into more depth.

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So because there are 5 ending of game situations you could have one as defualt and the other 4 as ones that use a target.

Since you have to buy one color you could use one as defualt and the others have counters they increase/decrease:

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