How do you make it so that when something activates something else deactivates (without using channels or wires)

Can you use blocks to deactivate something? I have too many wires from one item and I can’t use channels because there are multiple items. How can I make it so that an item deactivates when receiving from more than one channel without wires? For example when x receives from either w, y, or z it deactivates? I could probably make this with channels and extra triggers but I am wondering if there are any ways to make it with less memory.

You will have to use channels or wires. Blocks don’t have the capability to do so yet. What’s the problem in your game?

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I don’t think its possible. You have to have it transmit on a channel or use wires to send something to another device.

You said you had too many wires. You can bypass this by wiring something to a wire repeater and then using the wire repeater to get more wires.


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