How do you make it like this

So I want to make it like when the host goes into a zone it takes all the players somewhere like in spleef how do you do it?

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Hmm… Can you be more specific? So when the host enters a zone, it triggers an effect that teleports all the players including the host to this specified location?

ok here look
Screenshot 2024-06-11 4.34.25 PM
when host goes into that zone
i want them to be teleported into one of these places for teams

Make a trigger that has an active scope of player. Make a lifecycle for game starte activate the trigger. The trigger should be inactive on game start, and when a player walks into the zone, the zone should trigger the trigger. The trigger should broadcast to an all player relay. The relay should broadcast to a teleporter to teleport the players there.

There’s a much easier way. Get a relay that is set to all players. and then wire the zone player enters zone → relay. now get a teleporter and place it where you want to go. relay → teleport player here

How do you make it so that it won’t teleport the players if a regular player walks in it?

uh just make it so that the host is in a different area

for me regular players can’t walk in it because it is ina host only place that nobody else can be in

that will work
and yes six solutions

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