How do you make eyeballs in GKC

the title explains it so yeah

Have a white circle barrier a layer below the iris color have that a layer below a black barrier and make sure all barriers are circle


why are you making this :skull:

and 2:
make a barrier and another small barrier in it and some blackboard legs for eyelashes
(if you want to make it scary you can make the eye red or green)

the barriers cant go that small

squid game doll so yeah

OH! Use emojis in a text device

It can. The smallest a barrier can go is just about as big as the basketball prop (normal size)

It would be possible to use dinner plate props, because they can go very small.

Also basketballs

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You can just use multiple circular barriers, or you could just copy :eye: into text or something.

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i will do that @wingwave

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