How do you make edible food that grants you health?

How do you make it that when you consume food, you gain health? Please respond as soon as you can. Thank you for your time!.

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You could use a button that hides a prop and grants you an item

Button Pressed > Hide Prop

Button Pressed > Grant health

Button Pressed > Repeat Wire Pulse

Wire Pulse Repeated > Deactivate Button


unfortunately, you can’t make custom consumables like med packs and shield cans. however, you can have a game overlay that is a button called “eat food.” then wire this to a checker:

button pressed > run check

on the checker, have it check if the player has >0 of the item you want to use as food (this can be any item.)

then wire the checker to an item granter that grants -1 of the item:

check passes > grant item

then add another wire from the checker, this time to a health granter that grants whatever the amount of health you want to heal is:

check passes > grant health

and you’re done!

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edit: also, if you want to, add a notification, and set the notification type to “error” (find this setting in “all options”).

set the notification text to something like, “oops, you don’t have any food to eat!”

then wire the checker to the notification:

check fails > send notification

also, make sure that in the notification’s settings, “send notification to” is set to “triggering player”.


i think @AdrienCZS1 wants it to grant health, not an item

so that method would work if you want a prop to be the food, just replace the item granter with a health granter.


If you wire an overlay to a item granter that takes the food item, and then wire that up to a health granter it should be able to take food and grant health in exchange

when I try to make item granters remove it don’t work

You’re supposed to use text, (put emojis in it) buttons and health granters, not ITEM Granters.

then how do I remove food?

Oh yeah, if you wanted to remove an item once consuming a food, you’d use an Item Granter and set the number to a negative number (-#) to take away an item.

I did, it didn’t work

Can you show me your Item Granter setting?
What exactly happened when you put a negative number?

Yea i need to see the setup to fix any problems

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here this will help How to eat a tractor in gimkit 2.0 (Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩 )

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May I see your wiring and device settings?

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Thank you! Here are my devices settings and wires!

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