How do you make battle royale tag

I want to make a battle royale game but it’s also tag. How can i make it so that every player can tag each other at the same time.

You can’t, at least with out every player being set as a different team, them it is possible.

so in the map options i have it set to “free for all” for team modes. so do i need 60 tag zones all active at the same time for each one-player-team?

The issue is, they wouldn’t be able to tag each other without instantly being tagged.

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then is this even possible? i’m sure people have made a free-for-all tag game before.

I know how to do that

tell please please please tell

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oh that’s true… lemme try smth

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could you guys help me with my thing

it is in the topics ok

please mark your solution @TimeMechanic

The solution is that there is a 6 player limit. and that is the most that you can do for a free for all tag.

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yep that’s right @WolfTechnology


Is that definite? i feel like there has to be something better… i think 6 teams but with lots of team switches might work.