How do you make a zone that one team can enter?

I am making a red vs blue map, and I want the spawn areas of each team to be inaccessible to the other team. Also, the teams can re-enter their own spawn area, but not others.


Use a barrier with a relay wired to it with the relay for a specific team.

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how exactly do you do that


@DarthVader So far this is what I found out. First, you need a zone, barrier, 2 wires, and a relay. You want to wire the zone to the relay and the wires should go like this:

. After that, wire the relay to the barrier and it should go like this:

Also keep the barrier disabled when the game starts. You also need to configure the team that you don’t want to enter on the relay. For example, if you don’t want Team 2 to enter, set the team on the relay for Team 2. As for disabling the barrier I’m still figuring that out. Also, the zone needs to be surrounding the barrier like this:

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Using a checker and a zone is easiest.
The checker checks for a team’s number, and if then, it activates the zone.

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Ah. I found out how to disable the barrier. You want another relay set to the exact same settings as the other. Then, you want to wire the zone to the relay with it like this:

Then, you want to re-wire the relay to the barrier with it going like this:

Same settings with the first relay on the second one. Hopefully this helps!

Final Product (Sorry for slow FPS):
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That could work too :slight_smile:

thank you so much. sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner! :grin:

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