How do you make a waypoint track everyone on a specific team (Team 2)?

I need help making a waypoint that will be activated when receiving on a channel. I want the waypoint to be only visible for Team 1 and I want it to be tracking the only player on Team 2. How could I do this? If you have an questions about what I am looking for or are confused, feel free to ask! Pls Help!

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Here, there might be something on this that helps

for the activating on a channel, just use a relay connected to the waypoint

Your saying like the capture the flag mechanic where it tells you where player with flag is?

what does this do to help this guy?

You really can’t have a single waypoint track everyone. You could have multiple, but I really don’t like that solution.

That is not what they are talking about @Gimkitsuggestor. They are talking about the whole team.

read what they are saying Closely, its recreating the life of a waypoint

You need to probably do Multiple waypoints

getrithekd already mentioned that. It is good to not repeat something that someone already mentioned.

Let’s get back on topic.

So yeh like me and @getrithekd said, Add multiple waypoints

Just so everyone knows, my Team 2 is only a single player every time

so one player only appears on that team?

I can’t even figure out how to make a waypoint track a specific player(On Team 2) and be only be visible to the other team(Team 1)

Yep! Team 2 only has one player

do you have anyone playing with you?

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Team 2: One Player " The Boss"

Team 1: The Rest of the players “Runners”

I need a waypoint to track “The Boss” when receiving on a channel and the waypoint has to be visible to the “Runners”

How could I do this???

you need the capture the flag mechanic but without the flag triggering the waypoint thats my best solution

You need I think a lifecycle that triggers waypoint that points to boss

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Hmmm… yeah this one is tough. I see your thinking and I tried using a mechanic with relays but it didn’t quite work. Any other solutions?

Make a Waypoint and set it to Location of Player and for the Waypoint name put Boss. Next, you need a channel, so when the game starts, make team 1 spawn near a button that will activate a channel that is the channel you put for the waypoint.
Screenshot 2023-11-26 3.13.39 PM

Screenshot 2023-11-26 3.13.57 PM
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