How do you make a waypoint that appears on where someone died at?

For my map that I’m working on

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Uhhh, let me think.

I’m not sure, but I think no. Because when you use a waypoint, it can track a player, but not where they died, it will just go to where the player is at, deactivate it so it stops tracking, deactivates the tracker too.

Don’t solution me yet, and check up with someone else, because I’m not always correct.

Hope this helps!


I’m not sure this is possible…


could you like make it show when there at a pesifec health

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Nope, currently we can’t track HP (hit points/health) or being hit at all, so the answer to your question is sadly no.

Ok thanks I was just wondering

You could make 4 by 4 areas that when a player is knocked out they lose an item which decreases a counter to it’s targer of 0 and the waypoint shows, because each zone is tracking if the player has an item every time they walk into it.

I can go into more and simplier explainanation if needed.

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not really but some of those are common much wanted mechanics that some gkc tech wiz peeps really want like a health checker, or a hit detector, and a couple other things I forgot

Yea that would be great

hmmmmmmm clever but would require mass memory consumption and a way to break zone limits


Ok, so
Step 1: Get zone and Iventory Item Checker
Step 2: Make the tracker activate whenever a player enters the zone and deactivate when they leave.
Step 3: Make it to whenever the checker doesn’t see the item it shows a waypoint for that area. The bigger the area the more memory saved.


what’s the invetory item checker?\

Go to devices and search it up.

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It’s okay I found it

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Wait how do you make it so it Appears there when they die?

Wherepoint that activates itself when a counter reachs 0. 0 is the targer for it by the way, and the counter starts on 1.

I think you could make all players carry a flag and then when flag dropped activate a waypoint for that flag. This would only work if you had a smaller amount of players however. But the flag would be there still.

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well how do make the flag not be shown to others?

Wouldn’t I need to be constantly checked on the checker or are you not supposed to use the checker?

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wait I got a idea I think this might work