How do you make a venting system like among us

IDK how to do this stuff

appreciate the help:D

Teleporter under the escape hatch (Where the teleporter is only accessible if you are on a certain team)


How do you make it only a certain team that can use it?

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Relays are your best friend. Ask if you need more info about it, but I recommend tinkering with them yourself first to learn about them, as they are VERY useful.


I learned that from your other reply Thanks. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I’m guessing vent prop, with a button that connects to a teleporter to teleport you to said destination? Button deactivated on game start, set a lifecycle to listen for game starting, then use a relay for the imposter’s team to activate the button. Set button to activate for team only.


You place a barrier over a teleporter and have it to were only team 2 can go in the barrier, and only one player is team 2 so that can be the imposter, then but the space ship catwalk down so it looks like a vent.
This is what i did in my among us map:
Screenshot 2023-09-20 11.21.50 AM

darn i just relized when this post was made, lol.

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