How do you make a vent for Gimkit Among Us?

If you know please reply. Im trying to make a Among Us Game.

Just use a teleporter that goes to the next room

But then even innocents can walk through it. How do i make it for only Imposters to go threw it.

Do you have the imposter aka random team switcher thing set up yet?

You can use a trigger, only able to be triggered by the imposter team. Then set the settings to not visible in game, and “When Triggered” to a random channel. For this example, we’ll use 1. Then you add a teleporter in the next room, make it not visible, and when it says “Player Teleported Here”, make the Channel “1”. It should work!

Isn’t there a setting in teleporters that allows only a certain team to go through it or am I wrong, if so just have it setup like that and have a prop over it to show where the vents are

Thank you!!! Ima try it out right now!

sorry, but it didnt work :frowning: sadly

@GimAI /gimai_help

Can u help me work a vent in Gimkit Among us? please

/discobot will GimAi be able to tell me how to work a vent out?

Did you try my way!?!?

no sorry. Ima try it right now

i checked and tried but it didnt work sadly :frowning:

Oh I see sorry about that :pensive:

its okay everyone makes mistakes

make smth similar to this (the system on the bottom left is your impostor selecter thing)

then change the setting to this in the relay

change the button settings to this

and wire it to the teleporter as so

a problem with that, what is the device that is used with the teleporter?

a button.(set it to deactivated when the game starts)

oh okay thanks. :smiley: that is not a button

it literally is, its just under space trash so it looks like a vent