How do you make a trigger that checks for the game host?

so i need a trigger that looks for the host so he ends the game or you keep playing.

elaborate more please?

so it’s for minecraft game to see if the game host wants the players to keep playing or if he can end the game.

There’s a few ways. You can have the lifecycle set a property to something and make a checker check that property. There’s also an “is game host” block in blocks.

in what device is the "game host"block on?

In the essentials tab for all devices.

i can’t find it in the essensials tab

you see?

Try scrolling down in the menu.

what menu?(i’m bad at this)

The blocks menu with all the possible blocks.

yeah how about if i do the property way?

It’s better. Use a counter to increase the property.

could you tell me step by step?

do you want the host to be able to have the option to end the game at anytime? or at a certain point in the game?

at a certain point of the game(when they beat the ender gim) get it?

Is the ender Gim a sentry?

yeah it’s suppose to be the last boss

Make the host on a separate team on game start and turn PVP off in map settings. sentry knocked out → trigger relay (host’s team). relay triggered → open popup. Make sure the popup has a call to action called “end game?” that transmits on channel “end.” Get an end game device that ends the game when receiving on “end.”

but the problem is that i want the players to fight during the game in case they are doing man hunts