How do you make a team v team?

I am trying to make a tag game and i think the problem is that I am not making teams right. Can someone explain to me how to make two teams where every 45 seconds it changes from run away to tag.

Tag zones and wire repeaters.

what do i do with those?

Well, make it so that at game start, one of the tag zones is enabled and one is disabled (using the lifecycle to detect game start.) Then, connect a wire to a wire repeater so that when the zone is disabled--------repeat wire pulse connect it back repeat wire pulse-----------enable zone.
Do the opposite (zone enabled-repeat wire pulse-disable zone) and copy on the other tag zone.
Next, set the delay of the wire repeater to 45


So the life cycle wires to both tag zones making one of them active and one deactive? Then, the wire repeater wires to both zones activating one (the previously deactivated one) and deactivating one (the previously activated one)? Then you set the one wire repeater to 45.0?

IT only lets one team tag and not the other

  1. (setup) Have two tag zones that take up an area of the map with two repeaters. The first is activated at the start of the game however the second is not. One of the tag zones should allow team one to tag and the other for team two. Then place two triggers.

  2. Connect wires from the two repeaters saying that when they complete the tasks they activate, make the repeaters send different signals that activate the triggers.

  3. Make it so that when a trigger for one repeater is activated it disables the other repeater.

  4. Change the settings of the tag zones so that one turns on when a repeater sends a signal (turning the other zone off), and vice versa.

Your complete system should look somewhat like this: