How do you make a tagging cooldown?

I can’t figure out how to work the tagging cooldowns

Use a wire repeater with a delay.

hello do you want to help me make my game? War forge.

Please make a help topic for your question @WhiteGod because your question is off topic in this topic.


ok sorry about that.

Is they a way to get people to help you make your game?

Ask for help with designs, devices, etc.

I would suggest going here
If you want people to actually be in the game with you


ok thank you I’ll go on it.

what about

Yes, that works too.

you can do that too, there is just less people on that. The wix has about 2k on it.

oh ok, can I invite you to my padlet so I can work on my game?

You can, but i can’t j0in the game right now because its late and im on mobile.

I think wolftech lives in the central united states
Back on-topic now

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anyways this is getting off topic see ya

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That is a bit of personal info but it is the US, most people on here live in the US.