How do you make a system that only Blasts can get through

How do you make it sho.ot through something but you can’t go through. I need it because:

I want it so that the point makes it so you can’t see your Gim but you can sho.ot through, while you cannot move in the area.
(There should be a ball.)

You can use zones that check when a player enters or leaves it and blocks activates or deactivates accordingly, zones don’t check for projectiles so it can go through while players cant.

there is a guide for this somewhere…
let me find it real quick.

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Hmmm… Ill try that…

Oops, I clicked solution…

found it

breh the hyperlink had the word “sho0t” in it and the word “sho0t” was not allowed by the gimkit forums so i had to change it. somehow it still works

also you don’t need to place the water.

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