How do you make a stun gun?

Hello Forumers,
I am trying to make a hide and seek/tag game, where a random tagger has to find the hiders and tag them. I want an ability where all hiders get to shoot a weapon (only once per hider) to stun the tagger (if they get hit) for a set amount of time. Does anyone know how to implement this?


Well, I know how to have the hiders only have a weapon, and I know how to stun a player. The middle portion is going to take some work.

The main hurdle to stopping people from making a stun gun is that there is no way to check if you’ve been hit by a bullet yet. Someone might figure it out, or Josh may add it in, but right now, it just might be impossible.

Well, if it’s just a button to stun, it’ll also work, but I’d prefer to have a gun as the element. Is there anything that can detect a change in damage?

The only thing that detects a change in damage is the laser beam.

Is there a way to rotate the laser beam to point towards the nearest player/mouse-pointer consistently throughout the game?

Instead of a stun gun, you could have a one-shot gun. If the tagger gets hit by it, they respawn in the middle of the map and have to find the hiders again. The hiders then get time to hide.


Good idea, I’ll do that instead.

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