How do you make a sentry shoot through a barrier but players can't

I’m making a final boss where you need to destroy sentries that surround it in order to break a shield that protects the final boss. Basically, the final boss will be invincible until its minions are destroyed. I’ve searched up how to do it on google, but I couldn’t find an answer, so I turned to here.

I don’t really think that possible, but I will go onto my gimkit map and experiment to find out.

Is the map single player? (Don’t mind this, i don’t need it)

:arrow_down:Ok i found a way to do it for you!:arrow_down:

I can finaly help the stranger now
Sorry it took so long, i had to make this Gif myself :sob:

How it works:

The barriers

You go to settings and make it only activate and deactivate for players, if its a cooperative multiplayer map then set it to “team”

Then make set “Active on game start” to “No”

The trigger

Add a trigger in and connect wires so when triggerd, deactivate barrier, do that for all four barriers.

You can also use channels to activate the barriers and it doesn’t need to be a trigger!

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I recommend giving at least 15-30 minutes before asking for solutions.
Also, make sure the user is comfortable with their plan.

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hey i have idea…ill respond later. im testing somones map
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