How do you make a sentry move?

I want to make an Aimlab map to improve my aim . However, I want to make a sentry move randomly to match what an actual player will do. How would you do this?

Try this guide:

Gimkit patched moving sentries, so it is no longer possable.

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Unfortunately, no. There used to be a glitch that allowed sentries to interact with teleporters but it was patched. If you want to suggest it thought you can use this link:


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If you want to use lots of memory, you can randomly activate and deactivate sentries.


The sad part is that health doesn’t carry from each sentry.

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But its just for an aimlab, right?

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Then I guess you could use a counter and a reaper to track a few seconds and use this guide but have it activate a sentry instead and you could wire all sentry’s so that when one is activated all the others are deactivated. Unfortunately this will probably cause a lot of lag.

sadly they patched it and josh said he is not going to make it a game feature anytime soon

and yes you technically could animate a sentry it just takes up a lot of space and is usually not worth doing

It wouldn’t be animated it would just move so they could practice their aim like they said.

oh ok i get what ur saying

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