How do you make a screen for ejection?

This is for among us, but like when a player gets voted off, how do all players see on screen that is that player who was voted off go to a certain area and then die, and all players see only that player, not them selves and then they can go back to normal.

Use barriers and teleporters

I feel like you can use barriers to make some kind of art and add text saying that they are imposter or not

I was actually working on that the last time I was on your map and I almost finished it. I would have to work out a way to show the player but It shouldn’t be too hard.

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you can maybe use barriers to make sure that they dont roam around and the person who got thrown off can walk across the screen and after they make it to the end of he screen everyone can teleport back. after few seconds text would show if there imposter or not ( not sure how you can code it so they game knows ) but if they want to be a troll then just a clock can make it so after like 30 seconds or so then everyone will teleport back. I hope I did not make this sound confusing.

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