How do you make a screen button that appears for only 1 team

I am making a gimkit among us with a kill button

Look at the Ultimate Guide to Among Us. all the answers are there.

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make sure overlay is team scoped, make it unactive on game start, make a relay to all players on the team you want, make a lifecycle trigger the relay

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Among Us Guide Bro

  • First, place down a tag zone. It should cover the whole map.
  • :wrench: Set the tagging team to the imposter team. Make the tagging team inactive turn on the game start.
  • Place down a game overlay. Set both scopes to player, and make it a button. The button should be inactive on game start, and show when receiving on " IC (Imposter Decided)".
    :information_source: The button should be called “Kill Player”.
  • Now, wire the overlay to the tag zone:
    Button pressed -> Activate Tag Zone
  • Next wire the overlay to a wire repeater with 0.5 delay:
    Button Pressed -> Repeat the wire pulse
  • Now, wire the repeater to the tag zone.
    Wire repeats the pulse -->Tag Zone.

From Among Us Ultimate Guide

Use this guide, it is the system for the popup.

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