How do you make a scavenger hunt?

Please help me !!!

Well make buttons by the things they need to find with like “find” and make the thing disappear when they click

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You can use something called a trigger and then make a wire to a prop and make a prop appear. Or you can make a prop disappear when you go over the trigger. Note: you can make the trigger invisible or visible. That is what I would do. @Fun_Gimkit

Maybe a game overlay that has a list of things you need to find and it crosses it out once you find it

multiple text devices in a room where you start telling you what ur looking for and when you collect or find the thing, it removes the text or like makes it invisible
then if you want scatter some item dropper things and you can collect them in your inventory or do something else

Put an invisible button next to everything you need and place a counter
set the target number of the counter to how many items you have
when a button is pressed increment counter
You can use a game overlay linked to a popup for each item for a list