How do you make a safe that you can open?

Can someone please help me figure this out?

What do you want to use to open the safe? Also, welcome to the community!

I want to use golden keys like in Snowy Survival. I want to make an escape room game.

Place a vending machine and make it cost golden keys to purchase from it. I’m assuming you know how to do this. Connect the vending machine to whatever you get from the safe (item purchased ->)

If you get an item, you can just make the vending machine grant that item. Also, connect the vending machine to a wire repeater. Connect the wire repeater to the vending machine so it deactivates it. This makes it so the machine turns off after you purchase from it.

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Yes I do know how to do it. Thank You so much!

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Thanks so much guys, I’m glad to be here.

Welcome to the forum, @Coolerthancoolest ! I recommend you reading beginner-must-read topics.

a button and the safe

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