How do you make a random delay

I am trying to make red light green light and need a more efficient way to choose a random delay between the red lights and green lights.

Have you tried the fishing system, with the random block codes, but maybe you can space it out with a trigger delay, and use text with colored emojis

From @Blizzy ’s guide


Make a number property called “delay”. Now in a trigger, make it set “delay” to a random number and make it broadcast on channel x. Make a repeater that repeats a 1 second interval and stops when receiving on channel y. Link that repeater to a counter hooked to another number property. Repeater runs task – increment counter. Now also put a trigger that in the blocks it says If “counter property” = “delay” do broadcast n channel “y” make sure the counter is reset on channel y. Make the green light occur on channel y and red light occur and channel x. The number of delay will be in seconds.

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A simpler way is in blocks, make it so that a repeater that run every 20-30 seconds activates a trigger, this will make a block that sets a variable to either red yellow and green, and that would make the lights flash

this one has more customization.

I know, but I’m just saying that this would be easier if he didn’t understand!

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THANK YOU! I have been looking for an rng for some time

Your welcome, now let’s not get off topic!

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