How do you make a player invisible, or immune to pvp for a couple seconds

in capture the flag, there’s like a shard that you eat, then you are invisable for a little bit. but how???
and make players immune to pvp. they cant attack, and neither can the opponent.

Gimkit hasn’t added invisabits to creative yet.


there has to be a way to make players invisible though, right?

yes sadly they haven’t yet…

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you could cover the map with a barrier that has the is over the player using the layering tool

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Wait so are you trying to find a way to make players invisible without invisabits?
I don’t think that’s possible yet.


I’m tryna make it so a player presses a game overlay, then it makes them invisible for a couple seconds.

Invisabits works using a Game Overlay hooked up to a player appearance modifier device, which isn’t added to GKC yet, or so I know.

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I’m gonna adjust the topic a little bit.
How do you also make someone disabled from pvp for a couple seconds?
(the player is immune to attacks, but it cannot attack also.

make a zone no-fire zone

But I still want it so other people around the player can still fight other people that aren’t the player.

just make the no-fire zone is so big that the range of the weapon cant touch the players in the middle. I hope so…

then, in the middle, mark something that says “safe zone”

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well they technically did
the gray shards look just like invisabits

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was there a device leak that I missed?

but it doesn’t have the invisible effect

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The mentioned device was found in the files since mid September, or so I know. Might come into GKC sooner or later.

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then what about being immune to pvp for a few seconds after eliminating someone?

I don’t think that is currently possible possible…
the only place I have seen it is in Capture the flag where they probably used a property & checker in between the tagging and respawning. but you are looking for an immune system after knocking out a player, not tagging.

Does that mean there’s NO possible way to become invisible in GKC?!?
Man, I was really hoping to be able to do that. LOL. #BecomeAGhostFor2Seconds.
ALSO: @chrysostom I Will Shoutout Your Name Because I Very Much Loved Your Ideas!