How do you make a player counter count EVERY player who has played the game?

Its kinda complicated, but I’m sure you can figure it out :+1:

so players in one game or player in multiple games?

players in all games

you can’t save anything between games

well I was thinking like the live player counter things, and then you can do the thing to save the game/counter

saving is a set of preset options and it has its limits it can not keep track of things like players and add to it every game

so for example, if you press a button that makes a prop appear, and you do the save thing, and go back, the prop wont be there?

saving is entering a pre set code that is saved in properties
everything that can be saved must be coded and you enter the pre set code to get the progress

oh, well thank you for helping me. I will mark a solution. :+1:

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